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PVC Heat Shrink Films Manufacturer
Chocolate Drinks Bottle Labels
• Edible Oil Sleeves & Labels
• Coconut Oil Bottle Labels
• Inhaler Labels
• Hing Bottle Labels
• Manjan Bottle Labels
• Ghee Bottle Labels
• PVC Shrink Sleeves labels and Pouches
• PVC Shrink Sleeves For BOPP Tapes
• Packaged Drinking Water Bottle Labels
• Pesticides Bottle Packaging
• Cosmetics Products Packaging
• Herbal Products Packaging
• PVC Shrink Rolls
• Stretch-Wrap Films Tubing
• Printed PVC Shrink Rolls

Products Information
All Polymeric Materials consists of large macromolecules, which are linked, together with Macro molecular forces of attraction. These forces disappear when subjected to mechanical stress or heat and reappear with release of these stresses.
Width of the Film / Tube
15mm to 600mm.
Thickness Range
30 micron to 100 micron.
Standard Color of the Film
Crystal clear Transparent or Custom made.
Surface Finish
Machine Direction- 0 to 20% Transverse
20 to 55%.
1.35 to 1.42 gm/cc.
Excellent with the help of Adhesive.
• Storage Instructions :-

PVC Heat Shrink Tubes, Films & Printed Sleeves are heat sensitive. It should be kept in its original packing at room temperature below 30 degree, avoiding exposure to heat & direct sunlight. Lay flat quality may detoriate after long storage depends on film type, roll length & storage conditions. Use the material within a period of 60 days from the date of dispatch of material.

• Merits Of Our Products :-
Shrink can increase the sales through improved Product display or improved quality. The Shrinkage of film provides good compactness for handling. The method of Shrink-wrap produces a minimum of waste packaging material which is easily disposed off. Transparent wrapping has a psychological effect during handling to more care.
• Advantages Of Shrink Packaging :-
Counter Fit :- Shrink Films readily conform to odd shapes and large sizes. They are especially advantageous for products such as poultry, ham, cheese. Also the contoured fit can often increase store life and help maintain product quality.
Neat Appearence :- Tightening the film eliminates looseness, wrinkles, enhancing product appearance.
Better See - Through Display :- Shrink films can be used as window, as a transparent side to carton, as a blister like wrap to hold items on a baking board or tray, as a film covering two or more sides of a frame package, as an overwrap and in many ingenious combinations.
Immobilization:- Shrink Film can lock one or more products in place protecting against movement that might cause scuffing or breakage.
Product Suspension:- Shrink can provide a hammock sling to provide shock protection during shipment. Novel package display can also be Shrink Suspension.
Grouping & Multi Packing:- Shrink can hold multiple or more products set in place. Six pack beverages Cosmetics sets, kit parts and hitch like. Premiums are some of the applications that use shrink.
Functional Or Unique Construction:- Shrink Film can be employed as a structural or functional part of board or metal foil combination package. The high shrink energy of the film can provide gripping that in effect gives a package complete "New set of muscles".
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